We value co-responsibility – as a result, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students are self-responsible for attending SFO after school. However, we always pick up students from kindergarten class to ensure that they experience a structured transition from school to SFO.

When everyone is gathered after school, we eat afternoon lunch and initiate the planned activities of the day. These focus on educational content such as inclusion, collaboration, community, mood, physical and motor skill development, well-being, and creative activities.

At Frihuset you can make regular arrangements with the staff in regards to which days the child will take the school bus or at what time the child should go home in the afternoon. Parents are advised to notify the staff regarding any information or changes to the regular arrangements by 1 PM on the day in question via phone at 71 99 71 48. We would also like to be informed of any play dates, days off, vacations etc.

The local sports club PV81 in Poulstrup arranges for the children to participate in club-SFO every Tuesday from 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM and every Friday from 2 PM to 3 PM. Club-SFO takes place in the indoor sports facility next to the school, where the children take part in different physical activities, which are listed on the board in the SFO a week in advance so that parents can stay informed.

All children connected to the SFO at Poulstrup Friskole & Børnehus can partake in the club-SFO free of charge as long as they are registered for club-SFO. It is possible to try out club-SFO a few times prior to registration.

Registration must occur via email to SFO manager, Mille: This also applies if your child no longer wants to participate in club-SFO.

Poulstrup Skolevej 1-3

9760 Vrå, Danmark

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