At Poulstrup Friskole, we value community, and begin each morning with a gathering, where we sing; receive information; talk about everyday life; and hear about different experiences. A couple of times a week, we arrange for the older students to read to the younger students, who have yet to break the reading code. We also use the daily gatherings for our weekly walks. Every Friday, we finish the week off with a couple of songs before we wish each other a great weekend at 12.30 PM.

All students start their school day at 8 AM:

8.00-9.30 AM: 1st subject (most often literary subjects)

9.30-10.00 AM: Breakfeast & Morning gathering

10-10.20 AM: Morning break

10.20-11.50 AM: 2nd subject (most often literary subjects)

11.50-12.30 PM: Lunch break (eating with their social comfort groups from 11.50 AM to approx. 12.05 PM)

12.30-1.15 PM: Teaching (mostly creative subjects or physical education after lunch break)

1.15-2 PM: Teaching

2 -2.45 PM: Teaching

*International: Primarily English from the 1st to 5th grade, but also a bit German - English and German is taught equally from the 6th grade and onwards.

*Natural sciences: 1st-5th grade: Natural sciences/technology - 7th-10th grade: biology og geography.

*Creative subjects: 1st-3rd grade: Visual arts - 4th-7th grade: Design, wood and metalwork.

*RHS: 1st-7th grade: Religion and history - 8th-10th grade: Religion, history and social studies.

Cooperation between school and home:

- We cooperate with you as parents in regards to ensuring the well-being of your children while at school.

- We prioritize communication between the school and parents.

- We arrange at least one parent meeting per class per year.

- We arrange at least one school-home dialogue meeting with each student + parent per year.

- We are always available if parents request additional meetings.

- Parents can expect that we respond to emails.

- We expect that parents reply to any and all emails from teachers.

- Parents are always welcome in the classroom, if they wish to attend our classes.

If you are interested in hearing more about the school – or possibly visit the school – please feel free to contact Kristian Bertelsen, Principal,

at tel. +45 71 99 71 45 or email

It is also possible to attend our school on a trial basis – meaning that you attend Poulstrup Friskole as you would usually attend school for approx. 2 weeks to see if you feel comfortable and can see yourself as a student at Poulstrup Friskole. It is possible to begin a school trial period twice a year in weeks 43 + 44 and weeks 10 + 11. There is no obligation in attending our school on a trial basis.

Poulstrup Skolevej 1-3

9760 Vrå, Danmark

+45 71 99 71 03