The kindergarten at Poulstrup Friskole & Børnehus is an integrated part of the school and closely collaborates with the school in regards to bridge building activities, social comfort days, joint events and morning gatherings.

The kindergarten currently has 58 children, who can enjoy great facilities indoors and outdoors. Indoors, the kindergarten has four themed rooms – a nature and creative room; a pillow and playroom; a theater and music room; and a room mostly used for the youngest children with focus on roleplaying and playing with different toys, dolls, building blocks etc. Outside, the children can play on the two playgrounds and explore the forest.

When a child starts kindergarten, he/she becomes a part of a social comfort group. Each group consists of a primary nursery teacher and 6-10 children. Each group has gatherings and eats lunch together almost every day. The primary nursery teacher of your child’s group will also be the one, who will pay extra attention to your child’s development and well-being. He/she will also facilitate the annual meeting with each set of parents. You as parents are always welcome to ask for a meeting or chat when needed. Often, two social comfort groups work closely together in organizing trips, activities etc. 

Poulstrup Skolevej 1-3

9760 Vrå, Danmark

+45 71 99 71 03